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How much time do you spend scrolling social media? Are you a conscious scroller or you spend hours on mobile screen even without realizing you are wasting your huge time and energy every day? Waking up with social media, sticking to it throughout the day, sleeping with phone on, majority of us are helpless victims of the internet these days.

I was once addicted to TikTok and Instagram. Despite having a lot to do in daily routine, these two social platforms would be an integral part of my life. I would scroll the feeds until my right thumb got hurt. Useless contents were gradually spoiling my creativity. Later on, when I realized that I was doing nothing but just wasting my life, I uninstalled TikTok from my phone and minimized daily time-spent on Instagram.

Getting addicted to social media is not just a random thing. Software companies are trying hard to get us on their platforms and are successfully preying on us. Because this is how they make money. Getting tempted to thousands of features on social sites failing to value one’s time and energy is one major reason the attention economy is booming every year. Netflix’s CEO once said publicly – Sleep is their biggest competitor.

Social media is a new drug and its addiction is spoiling our physical and mental health. It is proven that online activity is one of the major reasons behind degrading mental health. 1 in every 5 people around the world is now suffering from some kind of depression. No doubt the internet has made our life easier and there is a jillion of benefits. But negative side effects have dominated its positive aspects. We all agree.

It’s high time we got aware of what we are up to. Time to check and initiate a change. It is not about stopping to use social media but to avoid being a powerless victim.

If you can read Nepali, read my full article on social media scrolling addiction on Kantipur HERE.

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