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law of karma

Bhagavad Gita clearly states that according to the law of karma, there will always be a reaction to every action. It is important to note that the reaction is also an action. Devoid of the context is just another action. Nevertheless, Karma comprises both action and reaction. 

What is intriguing is whether one should consider Covid-19 as an action or a reaction. We are trying to find out if Covid was a reaction to something we did or was it just waiting to happen no matter what we did. These possibilities exist and it makes sense to give these two factors equal importance when we talk about the relationship between the law of karma & Covid-19.

Let’s start with the assumption that Covid is an action. The immediate question is to find out whose action it was, nature or human!? Was the virus just manufactured somewhere in a lab and spread out? Or was it already in some form of life that inadvertently got into humans? There are some obvious queries and doubts raised. 

For a moment let’s consider that Covid was an action by nature. The optimistic point of view would be to find out what benefits can we derive from having Covid imposed on us. And there are many, worldwide focus on health and hygiene, rediscovering the joy of relationships over money, having our scientists develop a vaccine in 9-12 months, etc. The optimistic approach is preferred because nature, like a mother, has been nourishing lives on earth since it began. It is unlikely for it to be vengeful or punishing in the pessimistic sense. 

Another perspective, what if Covid was a reaction! We have been plundering mother nature for a few thousand years without caring about other living beings who have equal rights to exist and grow like humans. 

Hence, we could easily conclude that Covid-19 seems more like a reaction than an action. The further concern is, how we go ahead from here. A good start would be a reminder that our presence on earth is temporary, and the pursuit of money and power is wrong on so many levels. Also, respecting nature and preserving it. Otherwise, nature, in all its wisdom will persist like a dutiful mother to teach its children the lesson that we need to learn. 

(Note: The views expressed are writer’s own)

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