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I did not get what I wanted, but I got what I needed. This is how I sum up my 2020.

As we welcome new year we are making remarks about the one that just passed saying the year has been the worst. No doubt we all went through a lot, we were caught up by physical/emotional turbulence. Covid had many of us lose our loved one/s. We definitely had a challenging time. Personally and professionally.

But at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that 2020 got us into reflection mode. We’re able to value the things we never did. We learned to become resilient. A lot of life lessons came our way and we accepted them with positivity. If Covid was not there, most probably we would never have realized where we lagged.

When I sat down to review my 2020 goals today, I found out majority of them were accomplished. I am pleased to share this with you all. A few crucial targets were crushed but destiny must have its own plan.

I am thankful that life has given me what I needed. All these years. I continue to work hard towards my ambitions taking care of my holistic health, getting a little deeper into my spiritual journey. I thank all my readers, well-wishers who have been supporting and motivating me unconditionally. The responses I get from you all act as a catalyst for my progress.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2021 brings you love, light and peace.

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