Reshaping Experiences

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Waiting for something like a pandemic to disappear is one thing,

but graciously waiting is another

No matter what the situation may be

if one graciously waits

they will firmly believe

for this alarming outbreak to halt

1 day… 2 weeks… 6 months… 2 years

you don’t care

You have limitless hope which will drive you to success

to defeat this monster

I graciously wait for this never-ending cycle of staying home to end

I graciously pray for everyone to be safe and healthy

I graciously wait for our people to fully unite

and act on what’s disrupting our fate

I… No… We graciously wait…

6 thoughts on “Graciously waiting…

  1. Oh Aseem your a very talented young man. I wish you have great success and joy in your life. Sending hugs Gwen.

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