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When I started off the storytelling career, the first thing in my realization was – stories are beyond grandparents’ once upon a time tales. Whoever or whatever I saw appeared to be a story. I could discern that the childhood diary where I would write my favorite songs’ lyrics was not just a bunch of colloquialism. But each of the lines scribbled there resonated with the story of our lives. 

I keep telling myself I didn’t choose storytelling, but storytelling chose me. It has evolved me into the person I am today. 

Back in the days when I was spreading information through radio broadcasting, social media boom was a thing of the future. Let’s say, our lives were saved as we were not addicted to the internet. Gradually when the virtual communities began to rule our existence, everything changed. Literally everything. My experience is, internet offered me a wide variety of platforms where I could tell what I love to tell. Quite easily.

With social media handles, I had this liberty of sharing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions whenever and wherever I wanted. This made me speak my heart out and share my own stories on the internet. It was in 2017 when I witnessed how the virtual world is becoming the strongest medium to express and perceive things, I left my job of news anchoring in a television channel and jumped into the digital world

My first digital piece to hit a million views was a listicle that featured some Hollywood celebrities who faced the most embarrassing moment in front of the camera. It was surprisingly awesome to see 5 lakh people reading the article right on the day it was published. By the next five days, the story had garnered 10 lakh reads. The instance was also an experiment to evaluate the content consumption of internet users and see how much we are attached to go crazy for things that are not so good to somebody else. 

Internet loves numbers and just for the sake of numbers I left no stone unturned to write about anything that triggered human emotions. Because that is what I was paid for. At the same time, I was doing personal blogging, spreading words all over social media. Probably social media is the only place where we get instant rewards for what we do, either positive or toxic. Eventually, I was sharing good stories on my social handles and the responses would make me do for more. 

There was a time when a series of melancholy hit me hard and all I could write about was my battle with mental/emotional turbulence. There were a lot of people with similar stories who reached me out and spoke their hearts. Many of them found a sense of strength in the stories they read on my platform. A young girl who was regularly following my blogs told me that she has now changed her approach towards life as she saw she’s not the one to go through bad times. Not one, two, three but a lot of remarkable stories from my readers helped me introspect my life goals. Hence, emotional health and self-love became my genre and I consciously left my well-paid job where I would write stories that trigger negative emotions. 

I sum up my career’s turning point as – it’s always good to spread inspiration rather than information. 

We are in the times when one in five people suffers some kind of mental illness. Easy access to whatever we had dreamed of in terms of technology and its features has now thrown us at the cut-throat competition. And we are fighting hard to make our mark in what we do. Being a content creator or influencer I want my readers/followers to take care of their mental health and experience time to time social media breaks. Having said that I also have a responsibility to keep up with sound mental health. 

I request you all to reach me out if you are struggling with your mental peace. I would do my best to facilitate with the professional help respecting your identity and conditions. Write to me via or you can DM me on any of my social profiles. 

Until next time! 

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