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Few days back, somebody on Quora requested me to answer a question. It was, “What are the 10 things I stopped doing in my life?”

I thought for a while and listed the habits that were pretty close to me until a few years ago. Before you ask me, I tell, “I don’t miss any of them, except the ninth one.”

Read it to yourself:

Chewing candles

I love melted wax. I used to eat candles, smell petrol, kerosene, nail polish, etc. Gas stations (in Nepal we call them petrol pumps) would be my most favorite spots. Later, I started getting serious about my physical health.

Watching news

From early 2020, I stopped following news channels. When I was working for media, staying updated with whatever happening in the world was a job demand. But not anymore. I started realizing that my mind needs wisdom, more than knowledge and information.

Using TikTok

Last year I uninstalled the app from my phone. I had realized that TikTok, for me was nothing but just a huge waste of time.

Texting and chatting

As I grew up and became more mature, I started valuing my time, and stopped investing for them who do not deserve it.

Eating excess junk foods

I cut them off by 90%. I still love junk but I eat occasionally. I am not addicted to them anymore.

Sticking to social media unnecessarily

I am still on the internet but I make sure I am consuming something fruitful. Also, I have started holding books more, instead of the phone.

Following celebs on Instagram

For years, I followed the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj, Bollywood (India) stars, and watched their lives. I unfollowed them all as I started watching myself more.

Playing virtual games

Until last year, I had at least 3/4 game apps on my phone. I would play games like word maker, egg toss. Eventually, I started finding no time for games.

Riding motorcycle

I owned a motorcycle after my high school completion. That was when I had started working. I spent a decade with my Yamaha. When I moved to India, and then in the US, I miss it.

Writing diary

I wrote diaries until a few years ago. Now since things moved to the virtual world, I have only one in which I write letters to my eternal companion God. Because He is not on social media.

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4 thoughts on “I stopped eating candles, and many more…

  1. I keep changing my hobbies time to time, like, i started using tiktok and fb after one year gap, I also stopped watching tv for 3 months now. most important thing, I stopped eating sugar, it’s benefited me a lot in reducing weight.

  2. From extroversion ; it seems you are turning inwards 🗿😀 It feels motivating to have read you here modifying priorities & lifestyle 💁‍♀️May this slight introversion in you a accompany you to the higher consciousness 🧘‍♀️
    #inspired #maturity #good_daughter_of_TheGodFather 🏵️

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