Reshaping Experiences

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My relationship with God is beyond special. Today was not the first time I wrote a letter to Him. I have been doing this all my life.

Just like every other turn, today I had a lot to say. A lot. So much going on outside. So much going on inside. I looked at my diary and pen with jillions of thoughts in the head.

When I started scrubbing that blank paper, I turned out thoughtless. I didn’t know what to write. I was in dilemma what He actually wants to hear from me. It was a strange and awkward feeling.

I again sat quiet and gave it a moment. There was a battle between dozens of doubtful questions and resentful self responses.

I ended up with this:

Dear, God!

Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Just like every other instance, He smiled at me. And I could clearly visualize how He did this.

Just like every other time.

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