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If you love yourself and want to spread the words, this platform is for you.

If you look for influencing people positively, this platform is for you.

If you strive to stir goodness on internet, this platform is for you.

If you collectively want to make internet a better place, this platform is for you.

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Meanwhile, I wanted to share an instance from 2018 here:

One whole day in Delhi (India). Wandering around places in scorching hot, dealing with lots of things, and people. The tedious day it was.

But my almost one hour talk with Uber driver made my day. Listened to him about his life and struggles and I was amazed to know how complaint-free life he is leading with whatever he has got.

In between our conversation, I had asked him, “bhaiya, aap ke koi as such sapne hai life mein…?” (brother, do you have any dream in life?)

So excitingly he replied in no time — “Madam, pehli baar zindagi mein kisi ne mere se ye prashn pucha, thank you aap ko.” (ma’am, for the first time in life, someone asked me about my dream)

It was a bliss to witness his precious expression while he was saying this.

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