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Mommy, I have a request!


Can we not talk about Coronavirus news for a week when we are on call, please?

Hmm, okay. But…

I am already not following any news, so, I don’t expect sorrowful updates from you as well. 


This was a piece of conversation I had with my mom on Facebook Messenger, a few weeks back. 

Now it’s been quite some time that the world is going through a difficult phase. We are stored in our houses for more than a month turning clueless about how long this would continue.

And guess what! We have comparatively a great deal of time for ourselves.

Every morning, from the moment our eyes and consciousness are open, to the second we finally fall asleep at night, we have been sticking eyes onto that over-smartphone. Stuffing our minds with joyless information. With more than 95% of news content being tragic, we are surrounded by negative energy all the time. Every minute, a bulk of information from the internet enters our mind, we think about it, talk about it and again think about it. We have been living in this vicious nexus of fear and melancholy which are only deteriorating our soul’s strength.

Before I had that conversation with my mom, I had terrible time facing news on my feed. I didn’t even have to open news and read about the details. A dozen headline notifications on my phone would offer me the Coronavirus stats. Not only these news pop-ups, fear and anxiety would become the starter of my day.

One day I happened to watch a show of international spiritual speaker Sister Shivani, which was about how to stay safe from this pandemic. So beautifully she briefed how filling the mind with excess information overall impacts our mental and physical health resulting in a degraded immunity system. We are so conscious about washing hands and using sanitizer, but how much do we keep ourselves aware of mental and emotional health, which is a crucial part of holistic health!? She was absolutely convincing while saying this. 

Several research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology have concluded about the fact that negative energy in mind weakens the immune system. A book named The Immune System and Mental Health published in 2018 also has detailed insights about immunity’s impact on mental functioning.

Back to my story. Two weeks back, considering all of these, I decided to unfollow Coronavirus news. Firstly I disabled mobile notifications. Then I cut off the consumption of trending news by 99%. After a week, this happened:

I didn’t know much about the Coronavirus effect on this planet

I felt good about my friends posting their happy lockdown pictures

I started reading Medium and Quora more

I continued reading the pending books

I learned WordPress and Google Analytics more

I increased my meditation time and felt like an achievement

I sped up my writing

I talked to long lost friends and chuffed with that

It’s great to stay informed about what the world is up to. But how long does it take to gather what we need to know!? 5 or 10 minutes? While we are involved in scrolling over news feeds, we should equally be aware of our mental and emotional stability. 

We can not control the circumstances around us. But we can definitely take charge of our physical and mental health. That is what WHO and governments expect us to do. We are one commitment away, to make this world safer.

Remember The Secrets by Rhonda Byrne that talks about the law of attraction? This is the best time we practically use the knowledge that resides in our thoughts. Because we all desperately want to open our doors and breathe fresh air without any fear. Right?

If you have any story to share, feel free to comment below or write at!

3 thoughts on “Mommy, can we not talk about Coronavirus for a week at least, please?

  1. I had similar conversation with my dad, last night!

    I have a bad habit of escapism, haven’t seen any news other than on FB from friends ( imposed to me via them ). I ordinary avoid any kind on negative use.

    And I do this to extent I have 4 blogs, none of it publish any negative content even if it is right!

    Funda is simple from my side, there are enough people looking to monetize that negativity cause its more viral and easier to make up! I won’t be doing that for this life atlesst…

    And yep, Wittyfeed set examples like the kid who needed money for operation and Wittyfeed used its online presence to help him…

    Always in my mind while working or creating content.

    There are already lots of critics in thi world, be an encourager instead!

    ✌️❤️😊 Great Share Ma’am!

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