Reshaping Experiences

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Nostalgia just hit me hard. 

I was doing some stuff in my room today when my 3-year young nephew came to interrupt me with a bowl of corn puffs in her little palms.

I randomly told her let’s watch something cool as I had my laptop on. The very moment I recalled Barbappa and we both watched a few YouTube clips then and there. She loved it.

My entire childhood belonged to the Barbapapa family. In case if you don’t know, Barbapapa is a French cartoon series. They are blob-shaped characters and have the ability to change their shapes whenever they want. They are adorable, kind and extremely cute. After all these years I realized my love for the Barbapappa family is eternal. 

Those days, I would desperately wait for weekends so that I could sit in front of our old-style television. The wait for each episode would be a delight. I had lived the moment of being around the Barbapapa family in my imagination and the experience was heavenly. I had no clue what the lyrics were but the tune of the theme song… Here is the star, it’s Barbapapa… He’ll introduce all of the other Barbapapas… would revolve around my head all the time. 

Simply recalling it and putting up the feeling here is a bliss.

Nostalgia hit me hard and I loved it. All smiles 🙂

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