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Let’s admit; we live on the internet! What do we do most of the time? Undoubtedly, social media. Well, putting funny comments on friends’ Facebook posts and stalking celebrities on Instagram looks like a cool thing until you realize that’s only eating up your huge time and energy. 

I’ve been trying my best to have a healthy relationship with the internet. A few months back, I set the timer on my phone that allows me to use each social media app for not more than 15 minutes a day (24 hours). Also, I stopped sleeping with my phone. This actually helped. 

As I thought about it, I put forward some simple and easy things one can do on the internet instead of futile social media scrolling. 


Reading increases brainpower. It makes one more thoughtful, that’s why reading is termed as one of the best hobbies. There’s a large variety of platforms that offer great reads. Medium is my favorite. If you’re not very fond of reading, but you want to make reading a habit, I have a few tips for you. CLICK HERE 


Don’t worry; you won’t have to become a writer. Writing is a form of expressive therapy, and it is said that writing could be used as a healing technique. Quora is one of the best platforms when it comes to expressing yourself through words. You can pick any random question from your area of interest and share your thoughts on the same. You’ll enjoy the process as writing boosts your confidence. 


Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new things. Podcast has also become an option for entertainment. Why not spending time with podcasts when there’s both fun and learn! 


There are many options to make money online. And, yes, you don’t have to become a writer, marketer, influencer for that! You can look out for ways to make extra money just by spending some time on your hobby. 


Being in the communities of like-minded people adds significant value to your personal and professional life. There are hundreds of platforms where you’ll find people who share common backgrounds and interests. I have a couple of apps on my phone that I use to stay connected with great minds. 


Playing games boosts your happiness and brain function. It’s way better than spending time on social media. There are thousands of apps and sites that offer a jillion games. However, there’s always a need for platforms that give you a sense of authenticity. I am a big fan of Solitaire games, and there’s a site that is probably the best when it comes to card games. could be your best friend when you want to make the most of your free time. Not only Solitaire, but the website also offers many exciting games that you would not want to miss. From Pac-Man to Tennis, they have it all! I played tennis in my school years; it’s a nostalgic feeling every time I play this sport on this platform. 

Take some time and pick your favorite game on! I highly recommend you play the games on your laptop or computer. It’s so much fun! 

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