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Hi, guys! I hope you all are staying safe and fine.

Today I was invited to a birthday party in my neighborhood. We share a close bonding so there was no question of denying the request. But deep down, we (my family) were concerned about the number of people attending the gathering and how safe everything would be.

See, this is our new normal. Full of emotional uneasiness. How unfortunate it is to hold fear while wanting to see people we love. We think twice when we think of planning to step out of the house. We get an unpleasant emotion seeing a bunch of people nearby. Holiday season is here and celebrations are definitely not going to be the way we wanted. Still, we will not let out spirit dim. We all are together in this tough phase.

If you ask me, of late, I have been reading and writing a lot. On Facebook, I am an active member of a community that has 70K+ writers from all around the world. I have been a lucky one to have many senior writers who share their thoughts, opinion, insights and works quite often and there’s a lot learning in everything they share.

I thank you all for reading my blogs and personally writing to me about how do you feel like being a part of ‘Spreading Goodness‘ mission. I really appreciate your virtual company.

If you want to share any of your life stories (instances, experiences, you may want to share your new normal) and want to get published on please reach me out via / or any social platforms. You’ll easily find me there, I am a quick responder if you have a genuine thought to share.

Take care of your health (physical, mental, emotional). Stay safe. See you next!

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