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My mom has turned 60. I feel like she is becoming stronger and better both physically and emotionally every passing year. She’s self-dependent and is one of the smartest and wisest women in the world. 

She was born and raised in a remote village (Gorkha) in Nepal. She finds herself lucky that she was among just a couple of girls that received formal education in the area. Being the youngest in family, her parents and brothers were proud to educate her. 

As she remembers, the neighborhood was against her family saying girls are not meant to be sent to school. She often cried while on the way to her primary classes as she was mocked by people who thought – for a girl going to school was not less than a crime. I believe that was the time my mom prepared herself to win every battle that life was going to offer. 

I grew up seeing mom tackle circumstances with a strong sense of courage. She leads spiritual lifestyle, she’s the only reason for my deep inclination towards spirituality. On our everyday call, we exchange spiritual thoughts and experiences, I am learning a lot from her even in our virtual talks. 

Recently I asked her if she could sum up the experiences she’s gathered all these years. On the basis of that, here I compile some powerful lessons my mom learned in her life:

#1 Obtaining formal education is an achievement. Especially for women. Education is a tool that widens our mind’s horizon.

#2 Your mind and body – these two entities are your biggest responsibility. Make sure your everyday diet (both physical and emotional) is healthy. 

#3 Spirituality is the biggest asset one could own. Understanding your real identity and making the best use of spiritual knowledge is what keeps you physically and mentally fit. 

#4 Building friendship with God is the best feeling. He is the ultimate emotional support. Spirituality teaches one how to make God the closest companion.

#5 You are bound to face ups and downs in life. You have only two choices – either you move ahead with ease or be upset about things. 

#6 Life doesn’t always go according to plan. So, be prepared for that. Difficulties are to make you emotionally stronger. 

#7 Too many expectations from others might disappoint you. Your life deserves peace. 

#8 Self-discipline is your power. Life gets sorted in many ways if you use this strength. 

#9 Be loyal to God. We often say – everything is upon the mighty God, but fail to understand what actually God wants from us. 

#10 Money is temporary. Someday you would have the Midas touch, and sometimes, you’re flat broke. You should be emotionally okay with both situations. 

#11 Be always grateful for three treasures that you have – yourself, family, and GOD. 

#12 You are the HERO of the story of your life. Have the guts to live with yourself. 

#13 The world is one family because we belong to One (God). It’s always peaceful to have this feeling of affinity. 

#14 Help others in whatever ways you can. At times your good thoughts and words could be of great comfort to someone. 

#15 If you become a giver (not a taker), your prayers are going to be addressed. 

I hope these powerful lessons are going to create an impact on your life as well. Talk to your mother, let her pour out her heart. Trust me, you’ll feel so good when you listen to her.

6 thoughts on “15 powerful lessons my mom learned in her life

  1. Hello dear superb awesomely natural ways you have written. Completely I admire your writing skills as well your mother’s spirit.
    Please ping me on my WhatsApp number. I tried to reach to you.
    Leena Patel
    Yours faithfully friend ever.

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