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lgbt pride month

Love. Specific yet vague term which we all have perceived and defined our own way. 

Psychology says, love is a cognitive and social phenomenon that includes a strong sense of affection, attachment, and care. Multiple research and studies conducted about love, in the world of psychology have a lot to say about their findings. 

Here I want to share some facts about Love and these are really going to surprise you.

#1 Holding hands with someone you love can pacify stress and even physical pain.

LGBT pride month

#2 Cuddling is a natural painkiller.

#3 Attachment to someone has more to do with their body language and tone, rather than what they say.

#4 Emotion of love and a dose of cocaine have similar neurological effects in the body.

LGBT pride month

#5 Just looking at a picture of someone you love could help you relieve pain.

#6 Person who suffers heartbreak experiences real physical pain in the heart which is called Broken Heart Syndrome. The symptoms are similar to those of heart attack. 

#7 Simply looking at someone’s eyes, even of a stranger for a few seconds can make one fall in love with them.

LGBT pride month

#8 It only takes up to four minutes to decide if you love someone or not.

#9 We are usually attracted to the people we discover, less attracted to the people who pursue us.

#10 Love is both a long term state of mind and a temporary feeling.

LGBT pride month

#11 Women are more attracted to men wearing red, than in other colors. 

#12 Two people who meet in a dangerous situation are more likely to fall in love than people who meet in normal circumstances.

#13 When two people stare at each other’s eyes, their heart rates start synchronizing.

LGBT pride month

#14 Women are most likely to fall in love with men who have a strong sense of humor.

#15 Love is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people suffer Philophobia which is the fear of falling in love.

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Share these interesting psychological facts about Love with the people you love.

PS: June is marked as LGBT Pride Month and I am sending lots of love to the LGBT community out there! Love is Beyond Everything, let’s say it loud and proud!

<3 <3 <3

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