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If you also think the world is no more a better place to live in, wait! 

Recently, I happened to join a meditation retreat program in Novato, California! What I witnessed there in those five days’ stay is not less than a shock! Let me explain! 

We were welcomed like celebrities

There was a unique program organized to welcome us! Yes! We were 25+ participants from different parts of the US, and we enjoyed a divine welcome ceremony with garlands, gifts, and sweets! It was a more-than-a-family feeling as each one of us got special attention and affection. I mean, who does that… it was not about one, two, or three, but for every single person that reached there. 

We woke up at 3:30 AM

For real! Imagine everyone in the house waking up at 3:30 in the morning and gather for a collective meditation session. This time is considered the purest hour of the day and the best time to charge up your energy. The meditation we practiced was about connecting with the highest energy and receiving the divine powers. There are reasons why famous people have pointed out the importance of waking up early in the morning. 

Please don’t get scared when they stare at your eyes for long

We have heard a lot of interviewers saying about the vitality of eye contact in communication. But this one is a little more than that. In Brahma Kumaris meditation centers, the language of silence is considered the most robust mode of communication. Whenever a person meets another, they exchange eyesight to reciprocate the positive energy with each other. They look at each other as a point of light, i.e., energy, to maintain connections beyond physicality. 

Evening walk at its best

Have you ever thought of going for an evening walk with a mindset that your high energy flowing from your feet is nurturing mother earth? We did something like that! That’s how they use the power of affirmations to boost themselves and make a positive contribution to nature. 

Graveyard meditation

I had read about it on the internet, but this was my first live experience being a part of a graveyard meditation session. At 9 PM, we all were asked to gather in a hall and lay down on the floor. Followed by guided meditation commentary, each of us was covered by a white cloth. As the commentary went on, I visualized – I, the soul left the body, the costume… the soul witnessed several rituals carried upon the death. How family and friends mourned, how the soul kept noticing everything going on… being a detached observer… After half an hour of the session, I came out being so light-hearted… conquering the fear of death. 

Those three hours in a forest

We paid a visit to Muir Woods, a famous national monument in California, and it was beyond an outing. We were there to talk to the trees and express our affection and gratitude to them. A bunch of people focused on one goal being in a soul-conscious state, imagine the intensity of positivity created in the place. We all were continuously monitored and guided by spiritual trainers and experts. 

Save water, and it will save you

When I entered the kitchen area and sought an opportunity to help with doing dishes, I heard the retreat center in-charge saying, “Marin County is in drought, and we are very much concerned about using every drop of water here.” I was amazed by how efficiently they’ve implemented the 3-sink cleaning system. Imagine how happy our nature will be if each one of us thinks this way! I learned a lesson! 

I didn’t do this, thanks to the Supreme doer 

We all crave verbal rewards, don’t we? But people associated with this spiritual movement are so uniquely different. They are ready to help you anytime, anywhere, and when you thank them… they’ll say, “Thanks to the Supreme doer.” 

Golden age glimpse

One of the activities that were being organized during the retreat was a demo of the golden age. We all were asked to bring our favorite ethnic outfit for this program. We dressed up and turned ourselves in a look of divine deities. We took a pledge to inculcate values and virtues and become one. Each of us was sat down on the throne on stage. We walked down the hall, photographed by a professional… and had all the feels! We danced to the tune of God’s love for an hour! 

That was a once-in-a-lifetime moment! If you’re wondering how I looked, feel free to check out my Instagram

It’s a proud feeling to be in a family of angels united in LOVE for ONE. If you want to join us, you are most welcome to take a step forward. Visit

Greetings of Peace! 

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