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We often complain about how negativity is soaring around the world. Little do we pay attention to deeds that are driven by divinity.

I believe the world is full of good hearts, we just have to see things with optimism and positivity. Why am I saying this? I have an instance to share.

I am helping a young girl heal her mental/emotional difficulties she has been facing for almost a year now. With hope and faith, a week back she agreed to seek a professional who could guide her through the process. She reached out to a counselor on social media and talked to her.

The response she got from the professional was not so pleasing. She couldn’t accept that girl calling her ‘didi’ (sister) instead of ma’am, also she didn’t like the girl’s messages during off-hours. Additionally, the per-session charge she demanded was too high for that girl to afford.

Therefore, their frequency didn’t match.

Thinking of finding a solution, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew a professional counselor with minimal fee. The engagement I witnessed in the post was beyond amazing. Dozens of people wrote to me saying they want to help the girl without monetary expectation.

It was great seeing people who are nurtured by kindness and generosity. I marked the experience as an accomplishment.

You can check the Facebook post HERE!

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