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A few days back I had put my answer to this question on Quora. And I wanted to share this with my readers here as well. Hey, thank you for stopping by. Here are the ten best things I realized I have done in my life:

Discovered goals at an early age

When I was a kid, I had some sense of what I would want in the future. The course of the future kept evolving but my dream didn’t change. I am fortunate to have discovered the purpose of my life pretty earlier. 

Turned passion into career

I was always fascinated by the media. As I grew up, it was not just a fascination, it was a major medium to step towards what I always wanted to do. Regardless of the circumstances, I turned my passion into a career. 

Made books a part of daily routine

I didn’t read a single page with zeal till I reached 25. Not even a coursebook, or a magazine, or any such. But when I perceived the importance of reading books, that too in the career of content and storytelling, I just went for it. It was not an easy deal to make reading a habit, but I had to make it anyway. Now I make sure I am reading at least one book every alternate month.

Made writing a mind therapy 

Where there is reading, there is writing. Writing is as divine as reading. I love to write more than I speak. I love to write more than I read. Now writing is my full-time job and I don’t get tired even if I am typing for more than 12 hours a day. 

Created the closest relationship with God

This might sound strange to you in many manners. But, the relationship with God is purely personal. God is the supreme power of this universe, beyond any physical forms and everything. Trust me, He makes the best friendship, way finer than any human being you could ever think of.

Made meditation and workout two of the joyful habits

I have been meditating for more than a decade now, and it’s been a year that working out has been a part of my daily routine. Physical and mental exercise keeps me fit in and out.

Became a vegetarian

Thanks to my parents, they grew me up in a vegetarian family. My body is made of plants, not animals.

Made less friends

One doesn’t need more friends to have more fun. Five crazily amazing friends are enough because they outweigh 500 normal friends. 

Chose a spiritually driven life

Being spiritual is getting your spirit as the core driver of your life. Spirituality is a mental/emotional nourishment to your soul.

Helped those who were in need

I have always tried to spread my learnings and experiences over the years. As luck would have it, some people found out that my story helped them a little in their lives. Nothing is more beautiful than knowing this. It’s a feeling of bliss. 

Thank you for reading my story, now I want to hear from you, what are the best things you have done in your life? Share in the comment section or message me on my Facebook or Instagram

See you next! 

4 thoughts on “10 best things I have done in my life

  1. Dear writer,
    Read this. Found you share most of the qualities: vegeterian, introvert, compassionate, fond of telling stories in writing, finding bliss in aloneness!
    Thumbs up ! Keep moving. The Earth is round.

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