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One of my friends was sharing with me what his dream home would look like, the other day. Frankly, I was amazed to see how confident he sounded while speaking for minutes to describe his pagoda-style dream home that would have corners with a combination of vintage and modern artworks. I visualized his home crystal clear. That was sweet.

We all have our own version of a dream home. Some might prefer an indoor swimming pool/spa while some would want a home theatre, wine cellar, or game room. If you ask me, I would prefer the following must-haves in my future home. You may like to consider these factors, as well.

So, here it is – let’s enjoy some glimpses of a home that looks not less than a piece of paradise. Ready?


Welcome to Bliss! An open-air porch is sure to give you an out-of-the-world experience. Sit on the couch for a while, spread your eyes over those dark green leaves and colorful flowers. Feel the breeze that gently kisses your cheeks… Birds welcome you to enjoy their chirps. Look at the state of your mind… you are free… loved, and at the superior stage of happiness. 

Now, let’s enter inside and check out other spaces. 


When I think of the word purity, food comes to my mind. Food that keeps our mind and body pure. Food that is naturally clean, energetic, and pure (satvik). The extended kitchen area in my future house will be well organized and enriched with only superfoods. If you ever want to grab a recipe book and like to try out a dish, you’re more than welcome! 


What about a space that has some great books where one can acquire knowledge and build wisdom! This comes in the ‘Knowledge’ area which is a little more than a home library. Read your favorite author or get a pen and notepad and scribble your heart out. Don’t forget to read aloud and pat yourself on the back. This place is digitally devoted and whoever comes here, would enjoy a virtual tour of the world’s best libraries.  


Peace is stillness. It’s a state of being calm… tranquil… or quiet. Imagine a meditation room that would be a source of peaceful vibrations to nourish your home. That you would spend at least a few minutes every morning and evening to experience ultimate serenity. This is to recharge your mind and make the best use of everything that life offers to you. 


The real definition of love lies in self-realization. That’s when love for yourself and your near ones will naturally flow. Love is such a valuable treasure that you want to cherish every day. An elegant gallery room with your precious life memories hung on the walls with beautiful frames looks like a brilliant idea. Isn’t it? It will have your family, crazy friends, and dozens of once-in-a-lifetime travel moments. 


“Joy is a momentous feeling of freedom and attainment.” This is a virtue that keeps us alive. ‘Joy’ is a separate living room where people can gather to share stories and experiences. And sometimes, just to dance the stress away!   


Physical and mental workout keeps us strong inside out. Having a workout space with updated equipment and technology is a must-have these days. A place where you can spend some time to prepare yourself to be YOU. Strong, empowered, focused, and absolutely gorgeous. 

So, how did you like this idea of building a home enriched with all seven innate qualities of human beings – Bliss, Purity, Knowledge, Peace, Love, Joy, and Power…? 

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So, here’s to you… cheers! 

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