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Without wasting a moment, I book Uber and leave the airport. Driver says, hotel is seven minutes away. 

I am excited to explore the new city and its people. I haven’t googled anything about this place. Intentionally. I do some casual conversation with driver. 

As I get off the cab, Uber guy extends wishes for fruitful trip. I thank him with a smile. 

I know I am going to encounter a dozen of firsts. To start with, I get stuck at hotel reception for a new reason. As I mentioned, I didn’t google anything about it. And here’s an aftereffect. I spend a few minutes of bitterness on the spot and enter the room. 

I am in the room. I smile. This is my home for the next three days. I am exhilarated. Instantly, I realize I am hangry. I make a call at reception and ask if there’s some food joint nearby. A polite-sounding guy gives me some options. I thank him.

Now I google, ‘vegetarian restaurants near me’. In a minute, I book a cab and by the time it reaches hotel I am ready.

Choosing this restaurant turns out to be the first terrible mistake I make on this trip. I taste a croquette. I get rest of the ordered food packed for the room. But I am 100% sure I am going to dump it in trash-bin. 

My stomach scolds me badly. I utter, it’s okay, while traveling, we expect the unexpected. 

I am in hotel room, sorting out things for three days. I use hotel’s notepad and pen. 

Landline screams out loud. 



Did you find restaurant you looked for?

Yes, but the food was horrible. 

Oh, sorry about that. 

Do you arrange lunch/dinner here?

Sorry, we take care of breakfast only. 

Not funny but that’s okay. Hey, I have a call on cellphone. 

Sorry, take your time.

It’s 8 PM. I look at the food I carried from that not-so-wow restaurant and munch a chocolate bar I had in my handbag. 

I workout a bit watching YouTube sessions. It is 9 PM. 

Landline screams out again. 


Hi, sorry if I disturbed you. 

No problem. Say!

I have got food for you. It’s Asian, you’d like it.


Yes, can I come upstairs and give it to you?

*what!?* I will come down to pick it.


What just happened? I start wondering. I am hungry but should I accept food from a stranger? Does it sound like coming from a well-wisher? Or is it a plot? Could I trust this hotel staff? Or… At least I should accept this kind gesture. 

I make a call to the reception. 

Hey, it’s me. You could come outside my room to drop food. 

Hi, thank you. Give me a few minutes, I am coming. 

Again. Should I change and look a bit decent? Should I tie my hair? Nah, I look okay. It would take me just a second to grab food from him.

Someone knocks at the door. 

Hey, it was not really needed but thank you so much. 

I hope you will like it.


Okay, good night. Umm… Can I take a selfie with you?


I quickly see myself in the mirror of my mind. Tired face, messy hair, does this guy see me a celebrity? Or he has some filthy intention in his head?

No… I sound a straight denial. I shut the door. 

Food smells well and fresh but a dozen thoughts hit my mind. Is this guy doing this all out of compassion or there’s something fishy going on? Should I eat this food? Should I ask mom what to do with this food? Why would a stranger ask for a selfie like this? I mean, why?

God, am I safe here in this hotel? 

In between all this, a voice inside cheers out for the kindness I am just showered with.

9 thoughts on “When a stranger knocked at my hotel room and asked, “can I take a selfie with you?”

  1. I liked this narration. Sometimes kindness comes our way all unexpected…

    As a 12th class student starting a blog from not so tech city of Sagar getting free advice and help from some tech giant was a bit similar…

    Gratitude 🙏 always…

  2. Amazing story Leena. I think you already found all possibility of situation which can happen on that time. But you’re more than celebrity, you are a living example of the new emancipated generation, full of love for others and living for more positivity and hope.
    Peace and love Leena
    Gasta Adechina
    The Choco boy

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