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Pick your best read on internet today

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Stop… and wonder…

How to stay healthy?

How to cure a disease?

How to lose weight?

How to gain weight?

How to please in-laws?

How to be a good friend?

How to earn more money?

How to achieve success in a career?

How to get rid of stress?

How to get whatever you want?

Answers to your queries are just a click away. Just one click. If you google ‘how to be happy’ you will find a jillion solutions to this in less than a second!


Our health is deteriorating every year.

Multiple new diseases are introduced to the medical world every year.

Obesity is just increasing.

Struggle to get into the desired shape never ends.

Family issues are only worsening.

We are faking friendships in the virtual world.

Our quest for money/wealth is only getting complicated.

The definition of success has only limited to salary package and designation.

Stressfree life has only become a myth.

Our belief system screams – we do not get what we want.

We do not experience happiness even if we google ‘how to be happy’ a million times a day.

Ever wondered why? Because KNOWLEDGE is not the solution. WISDOM is…

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