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the break up

The other day I was talking to one of my friends after long. When I casually asked him how everything is going on, he replied, he’s just tired of life.

The response was strangely sad to me. He’s having a successful career, he has a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter. I keep seeing their great pictures on Instagram. His life seems to be working well. Everybody who knows him feels so. 

But the reality is otherwise. 

Out of curiosity I wanted to know his story. We are good friends, so he opened up. I was left speechless when he told me that it’s been eight long years that he is not sharing the same room with his wife.

They don’t even talk properly. 

Are you seeing someone else? Is your wife in love with someone else? Did you ever try to talk to her about the issue? Didn’t you think of sorting out the resentment? 

I threw many of such queries all at once. 

He was not comfortable answering them. He just said, nothing can’t be fixed now. 

I sounded deplorable. 

I don’t know what the other person (his wife) has to say about this all. So, I didn’t judge or derive any conclusion in my mind about it. 

But I surely felt sad about how relationships are suffering like this, in every house. In every life. 

Why do we lose hope? Why do we feel nothing can’t be fixed? Why don’t we communicate? Why don’t we put some effort into getting things on the track? 

A lot of questions followed my mind. 

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