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When we talk about women empowerment, we always talk about factors like educational, financial, political, social, etc. No doubt these factors are the major driving force for a woman to have a life she wants or she deserves.  

But I think there’s an aspect of empowerment which is less talked about and discussed. And I believe this one is equally important as the rest of the factors.

The aspect I would like to speak a little bit about, today, is – emotional empowerment or self empowerment which I think, is the very first step towards holistic empowerment. 

Emotional empowerment basically means –  the awareness of self-worth. And the ability to act worthy in each step of life. 

You may wonder why we should raise voices about emotional empowerment in women.

In America, one in three women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. And this is real and recent. This is the data of such a powerful, advanced, educated country. Now we can imagine the situation in less developed countries.

It’s sad, right?

This highlights the fact that, education, knowledge, financial status, all these are important but these are not enough to make a better world for women.

Emotional empowerment is the missing dimension and we can’t ignore it, when we talk about women empowerment. 

Empowerment is something that is conferred from within. And we all equally have to take the responsibility of it. Each one of us.

Self empowerment or emotional empowerment is the ability to have self leadership. When a woman decides to become a leader for herself, then nothing in the world can stop her from becoming a world leader. 

And one more thing – we know there’s nothing in the world that a woman can’t do. We have a million proofs to justify this fact, right?

So, we women are already empowered. We have all the potential to be the way we want to be and to live the way we want to live.

Self empowerment focuses towards the need of thinking right to the self. Being a woman, I have a determination that nothing or no one can stop me from thinking right about myself. Nothing can stop me from living a healthy and prosperous life. And literally no one has that ability to do any harm or do any wrong to me, no matter what. This is the awareness we women need to have first. 

We women should take charge of our physical and mental health so that we can achieve the rest of the goals we have set for our lives. 

When we talk about challenges, the barrier we have set in our minds – is the core challenge which we need to resolve. Sometimes, unintentionally and unwantedly we are accepting the cultural, social and religious criteria that are there for women for ages. 

Unfortunately we are letting male dominated society overpower us with their ego because we are not respecting our independent identity. 

Many times we are compromising, thinking it’s okay, I have to tolerate or compromise, for example – related to domestic violence or disrespect in a relationship. We really need to start training our minds that – no matter what, we are not going to tolerate anything that is unhealthy for my dignity. 

This way we can have improved power and control over our own life.

And, yes, men should equally be empowered to respect the intellectual importance of the women in their houses or workplaces. 

For us, each day is an adventure. And we need that spirit to win over life, every single day.

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