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People who attempted or committed suicide, didn’t they know that giving up should not be an option? 

Those who gave up and ended their lives, didn’t they know how painful their decision is, to their family and wellwishers? 

And most importantly to themselves?

Didn’t they know that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed?

They did know, right? They knew loud and clear.

Still, there are thousands of suicide cases happening all around the world. Most shockingly, in urban areas where people have access to the internet and social media with every piece of information and knowledge. Why do they give up? 

We are losing public figures like Sushant Singh Rajpoot (India’s one of the most adored actors) who was roaming around his successful Bollywood career at the age of just 34. That guy who gave us the movie Chhichhore that screams the real essence of success and failure and motivates us to never give up. Yes, the same actor who, as we see, had everything in his life that millions dream of. But!? Why!?

So, let’s be honest and understand that knowledge doesn’t save us. Those who smoke are well aware of the fact that smoking kills and they are gradually killing themselves with every puff they take. Smoking Kills slogan on cigarette packs is not helping tobacco-related mortality reduce. 


You must have experienced at least one point in your life where you felt, this is all not working out, I am done! We all have that moment of despair. At least one. 

Just try to remember, at that particular moment of time, did you recall any of those motivational or inspirational quotes you saw or shared on social media? Did you ever remind yourself that “I should stay positive” when you went through heartbreak? Did you cherish how loving your family and friends are, at the moment you were shedding tears?

We hardly did, right?

And if any of you recalled quotes like ‘Never Give Up’ when you had the lowest point in your life, trust me, you are one of those few luckiest people in the world. 

But for the rest, it didn’t happen. They lived in trauma for long. Some of them fell weaker, gave up, and chose not to live. 

They had the option to not give up. But they didn’t want to look for an option. Does that mean they are cowards? No. They did not kill themselves to end their life. They killed themselves to end their pain. 

Please respect them. 

Let’s not misconstrue the term mental health or depression. Let’s show respect for those who went through this. Your knowledge won’t help people in need. Your compassion does. 

Peace Out!

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  1. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the site is extremely good.

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