Leena Duwadi is a creative writer and social media marketer, who has carved a niche in the media landscape with over ten years of diverse experience spanning radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and digital platforms. Beginning her journey as a radio journalist in Nepal in 2005, Leena’s passion for storytelling led her to influential roles as a news anchor, blogger, and social media marketer. Before her move to the US, she served as the editorial head at one of India’s leading digital media companies.

Leena’s work is driven by her commitment to enriching people’s lives through engaging narratives. Her notable career, which has earned features on platforms including BBC Nepali, is a testament to her impact across Nepal and India’s media sectors. Holding dual Master’s Degrees in Demography and Spiritual Science, Leena uniquely blends her academic insights with advocacy for emotional and spiritual well-being, making her a distinctive voice in today’s media landscape. Through her content pieces, she believes in helping herself and others reshape day to day experiences.

Leena currently writes for several magazines and helps businesses, organizations and solopreneurs strengthen their social media presence. If you’re looking to set up your social media profiles, build a strong growth strategy, run promotional campaigns, monetize your social media, Leena is your solution.