About Me


My name is Leena. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I write About Me section as I enjoy my four months young nephew making failed attempts of crawling towards me with weird smiles all over his face. The moment encourages me to pen down my feelings and share them with the world. 

We all are dealing with our stories. Everyday stories. Both good and sad. Happiest and the saddest. That’s life. 

Love for storytelling and fondness for spreading goodness made me start this blog. I write about self-love, mental and emotional wellness, real-life instances that motivate/inspire me.

Welcome to my community once again, you can reach me out via leenachitwan@gmail.com for any inquiry. I am a quick responder on social media.


PS: You may like to look at Gallery section for some glimpses of my journey in pictures.

Psst! Leena is my name and Chitwan is the name of my hometown.