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It’s Sunday, and I have to share this with you…

I am a healthy short sleeper, I don’t like to stick myself to bed for long hours even on weekends. This means, my idea of a perfect weekend doesn’t include sleeping or snoozing. 


There’s no option to say no to Netflix. Just like for you, Netflix has been a part of my daily routine for a long long time now. The last movie I watched is Two Distant Strangers, a film that has created history by winning the Oscar for live-action short film. Other than the latest flicks, I love documentaries. Cowspiracy and The Social Dilemma have a deep influence on my mind.

Books are love! I can lie down on the bed or couch, and get lost in a good book for the whole day, even without checking my phone. These days, I have Bhagavad Gita on my bed which I am going to start reading soon. The last book I read was Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.

Since I started working for magazines, I’ve fallen for them. I really enjoy reading feature articles. By now I have got a big stack in my closet including the ones I work for. I have often envied storytellers with a strong sense of humor in their writings. 

I work on weekends… work from home and flexible working hours have just ended the idea of ‘5-day a week work’… at least for me. I am working and chilling seven days a week, concurrently. For the majority of bloggers/writers like me, the concept of the weekend… is non-existent. 

I grew up playing Ludo, Chinese checkers, Carrom, Chess, and handheld water games. Those days, having lived a no-internet life, I would just wait for my younger sister to finish her homework so that she could join me for Chess or any of these indoor games. When our father brought the first computer into the house, we discovered games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc. which we would play offline. While not playing, I would just type out little details about myself (name, address, etc.) in word documents and change text size and colors. What a time it was…! Sitting in front of a P4 computer, enjoying games, and doing things was my idea of a perfect weekend. 

Things have changed. Times have changed. But some experiences remained the same. These days, I often enjoy being with my laptop and look for online versions of the games I played in my childhood, with a nostalgic feeling. And guess what… recently I came across a gaming platform called Plays.ORG and they have more than 100 games… all cool ones. The one I have been playing a lot is Typo Express, it’s my stress buster now. 

Don’t wait for the weekend, click HERE and play it now. Share with me your Level, Words, and Accuracy… I challenge you to score better than me! 

Break a leg! 

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