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Hey, guys! How’s your life going!?

I hope you all are safe and well. A lot of you reach out saying I am not posting blogs actively these days. I thank you for the concern, I have been trying to become more organized and productive as there are multiple associations that are to be taken care of almost every day.

Today I want to share a few posts from my Quora profile. Below are the questions asked to me by Quora users. I hope these answers will address at least one of your life’s issues.

What’s the hardest truth of life?

Your journey of life is purely individual. No matter how privileged your life is, no matter how kind your family and relatives are, no matter how happy you are in your relationships, you are supposed to deal with your karmic accounts alone.

I have seen a mother suffering helplessly seeing her infant’s battle with a deadly disease.

I have seen a father drowning in tears seeing his young son burning in a pile of woods.

I have seen a mother losing a teenage son to a terrible accident.

There are situations when we cannot do anything except accepting them as the scenes of this world drama. Family, friends, relatives are our co-actors and everybody has their own unique role to play. We do not know what is the duration of our roles, we are just supposed to play them the way Supreme Director wants us to play.

What is concentration? What are the benefits of meditation and normal life?

Concentration is Focus. Awareness. Mindfulness. Living the moment. What do all these terms mean?

While you are brushing your teeth, your mind is just there, around your gums and teeth. Creating thoughts about your dental health and great smiles. Feeling good about it.

When you are eating, you are just into your food. Looking at it, cherishing the taste, feeling grateful for every platter you hold. Thanking God and the healthy food for keeping you alive.

When you are taking bath, you make sure you are there. Your thoughts revolve around ‘taking care of yourself and respecting your body’.

Performing any act (every single thing you do in 24 hours) being consciously aware of it, is concentration.

How do you make sure you are able to get your mind on the track of being mindful, that’s where meditation comes into the picture.

For a long, long period of time, we all have lived being a slave to our minds, we need an emotional workout to get things into the control. Spending at least half an hour every day just to sit quietly and practice mental exercise. And being conscious about it throughout the day. There are several methods of meditation. You can pick the simplest one – talk to yourself. It might take a bit of effort to get used to it, but trust me, you would start enjoying the practice within a week. Just half an hour a day, and then, living each moment with the whole of yourself and your mind.

Experiment with these tips for a month. Only one month. I bet you will experience the magic. You are just a thought away, all the best.

How can I improve myself in 1-2 months?

Realization is the first step towards transformation. So, you already have started improving yourself by realizing the need for it. Congratulations!

Try to wake up early. Thank God, thank yourself and thank your family and near ones for this wonderful life.

Make your bed. Sit on your bed and drink one full glass of water. Spend a few minutes with yourself. Talk to yourself and wish yourself all the best for a wonderful day.

Pick a thought, a strong high-energy thought that would be your mantra of the day. Keep recalling it throughout the day.

Workout a bit. Even if it’s for three minutes any time during the day.

Go for a walk, listen to good music and cherish your existence.

Eat healthy. There could be cheat day at times but make sure your food is plant-based nutritious food.

Keep checking the quality of your thoughts. How positive and optimistic they are, how respectful they are, are majority of them with negative emotions or neutral.

Consume great content on the internet. Watch comedy, motivational, inspirational movies, documentaries, read articles.

Be in the company of wonderful people who are your real well wishers.

You are going to witness a newer version of yourself soon. I wish you all the best.

I think I know why I don’t like reading anymore. How do I pick it up again?

Years back, I had some real ‘pain in the neck’ when I was building my reading habit. I had to do it anyway, so the only option I had was ‘commitment and the commitment to the commitment’.

I gathered motivation and emotional support from my friends who were voracious readers.

I started with short books, I started with merely 2/3 pages a day. I would read them and talk about the content with my near ones. That helped me a lot. I gradually increased the number of pages daily, and the volume of books also got upgraded.

I picked the genre that appealed to me the most. Now, reading is a core habit and I have at least one book on my bed all the time.

PS: There’s a simple fact about ‘habit’ – if you are doing it, you are getting results, if you are not doing it, you get absolutely zilch!

What is the most noble profession?

Every profession in the world is noble. We say work is worship but categorize works as noble and ignoble.

That’s sad. Extremely sad.

Each professional whether s/he belongs to a blue-collar job or white-collar job, spends the required amount of time, energy, and emotions. They run their life, they run their family and contribute wherever needed, from that hard-earned money.

Some of the professions are directly connected to saving human lives, so they are praised that way, but if we see with an open mind, every type of occupation is affecting the life of one or many.

So, let’s stop being biased about the nobility of professions.

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