Dear SRK, what got you here will not get you there


  1. Views expressed in the article are my own, it has nothing to do with the platform I belong to.
  2. I am an SRK fan.

Dear Shah Rukh Khan,

I happened to watch ZERO today and I felt this is the worst movie that is ever made in Bollywood. Unfortunately you, our beloved King Khan contributed a dark spot in his glorious career through it.

I had seen/heard weak/negative reviews about the movie but still, I chose to watch because I am your fan. I never had thought that it could be as worst as possible. Huge disappointment.

King Khan, gone are the days when movies in India would revolve around actors romancing under trees. Audience are not fool, they understand, respect and demand good stories. We need entertainment but we want to feel respected. We want our RS 250 and two-and-half-hour to be respected. The shift in Bollywood has proved it well. Substantial entertainment and realistic story are what we want.

Unfortunately, ZERO movie has depressed me to the core and most probably I will never ever watch your movies. I would keep watching your interviews, events, award functions, other performances, but NOT movies.

SRK, there was a time when I would boast about me being Shah Rukh Khan fan but I have ended up being a well wisher. Not fan.

I wonder what you saw in ZERO’s storyline, filming, flow, and everything. There’s not a single aspect that is substantial about this movie. Oh yes, I loved Sridevi’s cameo. That’s the only thing I will be remembering about the movie with ease.

A common man, throwing money over neighbors, winning dance competition and being with celebrities without any substantial effort, flying abroad in a minute, entering into Mars Mission… oh please…

You would have used your experimental appearance as dwarf with a relevant storyline around it.

India has dozens of stories that are undiscovered and untouched, it would be great if your crores are used to build story that entertains, informs and inspires your fans, followers, and people around the world.

What got you here will not get you there. Please do not waste your life in collecting sympathies after crap stories.

I wish you good health and contented career.


Your well wisher.