Depression: Fight your own battle

Justin Bieber is suffering from depression. 
Selena Gomez underwent mental anxiety for months. 
Deepika Padukone had terrible time fighting with melancholia.

Depression has nothing to do with success.
Depression has nothing to do with good-going relationship. 
Depression has nothing to do with financial status.
Depression has nothing to do with social status. 
Depression doesn’t see celebrity or common man. 
Mental state, in fact, has less to do with physical situations.

Your life is your life.
You deal with your joys and trauma yourself.
No one understands your situations and the way you tackle them. 
It’s your journey, your destiny. 
Do not make it more difficult by expecting from others. 
Others, could be your family, best friends, great mentors, near ones.

Everybody is living their own story. 
Fighting their own battle. 
Following the ways, they are destined to do.

Accept and move ahead. 
Because, you are your longest commitment. 
No one else.

2 responses to “Depression: Fight your own battle”

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