Don’t let your kids’ questions unanswered

Mommy, kyun? (mommy, why?)
Bass aise hi. (there’s no as such reason)

Bolo na, reason kya hai? (please tell, what’s the reason)
Bola na kuch nahi, bass aise hi. (already mentioned, no as such reason)

While waiting for my turn to enter the swimming pool premise recently, I heard this mother-son conversation. The mother asked 8 around years old son to practice swimming on the other side of the pool which is opposite from where he usually was doing.

The kid was curious enough about the reason for the command his mom was making. And while he was asking for the same, the mother seemed like she didn’t have any reason. She was just stopping him from asking.

The boy kept asking for minutes, and she failed to satisfy him with a valid reason. She didn’t have an invalid one as well, as she kept refusing to answer.

I felt bad for the kid, as he didn’t look happy at the moment.

After a day, I found, the kid was forcefully brought to learn swimming, he didn’t have an inch of zeal for the same. I also heard the mentor saying ‘nothing can be done forcefully’.

I found the mother’s behavior strange and faulty.

Growing children have all the right to get their queries addressed properly and to pursue what they love to the core.

Presenting any statement or offer without an authentic base or not being able to convince kids or forcing them to follow something against their will, would only turn them off.