If you want to witness an awesome blend of devotion towards the respective job, joys of being into it and most importantly the humanity one always expects for, meet Emirates people.

I have always been fond of Emirates, especially their staff members. I have spent dozens of hours flying with them and have observed what I just mentioned above. Their ‘food and hospitality’, of course, is amazing.

Not only these few cabin crew members, I believe all those 64K+ employees are flag bearers of compassion and dedication. I must say, they are not only making skies better but are spreading smiles over 100+ destinations around the world.

Recently, I didn’t leave a chance to turn these beautiful moments into sweet memories and asked them to be with me in a frame. While I requested a co-traveler to click our picture, one of these pretty ladies instantly uttered, “why not a selfie!”. One of them even offered me her cap and scarf as you can see in picture.

I would love to interview at least one of them in future.