Freedom is everything?

How long have you been driving rickshaw?” I asked a young guy just like I do with almost every rickshaw driver.

“It’s been just a month”, he replied.

“What were you doing before this?”, I was curious.

“I was a painter, worked for a vendor”, he answered.

My two questions at a time — Why did you leave the job? Are you happy with what you’re doing now?

The last one was a million dollar question for him (I really sensed so), so cheerfully he said — Arey bahut, kisi se kuch sunna nahi padta… (Yes, very much. There’s no one to poke, no more torture.)

I started thinking, every human being is fond of freedom and liberty. We don’t want anyone to sit on our head to get things done.

But at the same time, isn’t that we have almost forgotten the real essence of freedom and have interpreted wrongly?

What do you think about freedom? What do you think it really is? Or any reaction to autowalla ??