I took stairs to my 9th-floor office for 10 consecutive days and this is what I learned

1. When you start making a go, you will find many people with several mindset around you. Some would wish you good luck and many would laugh at you that you are walking stairs to reach the 9th floor.

2. Are you sure, you will make it? — If you share your idea of walking on your own, you will get to hear more of such doubts and curiosities.

3. You will have to trust yourself, no matter what others think about you. You know you’re in the peak hour and chances are very less that you will get space in elevators. And you know, every minute at this point of time is valuable and you simply can’t waste it.

4. Office hours have almost started. You can’t be late. You will have to respect office timing. Not for your boss, not for HR, but for yourself.

5. It’s better to find your own way instead of being dependent on any particular medium. Bcoz your journey and destination matter. Rest is secondary.

6. Getting some movement for body is physically beneficial. It’s better to burn calories instead of electricity.

7. Getting through first two/three floors might seem normal but life starts taking tests to actually see how daring you are throughout the journey.

8. Your mind starts cursing, “Ah, it’s tiring. why didn’t I take the elevator.” Then there comes your subconscious domination, it screams “Just start getting the feel of how great you will feel once you reach 9th floor”.

9. If you start focusing on your hurt legs, raised heartbeats and sweating forehead, you will definitely get emotionally weak, but if the focus of the thoughts is the contentment of completion of the journey, physical pain seems recessive.

10. Emotional strength always wins over physical consciousness.

11. On the way to destination, you will find people staring at you, even throwing sarcastic smile that you are dumb enough to take stairs instead of elevator. While this may weaken your walks, you will have to make sure, what you chose to do is important, nothing else.

12. You know you are still walking, you can’t stop for breaks bcoz if you do so, probably you will get late to office. You should be your own catalyst when there’s no one around.

13. Your journey is your choice. you chose to take stairs, instead of elevator, so, you will have to make sure your inner being is happily moving forward.

14. Start thinking of the beautiful moments after the accomplishment of the journey instead of counting the stairs and cursing God.

15. Feel the joys of destination-is-clear and thank yourself for making it happen.

16. And finally, there you are!!!

What are your thoughts about it, have you experimented something like this? I would love to hear from you. Cheers!!!