If you feel something difficult inside you, reach the people you trust

Wanted to share something.

A few months back, an employee committed suicide in Hyderabad (India). One of the leading news channels stated that the person chose death bcoz of office work pressure.

Now there’s something we all should think upon. There’s nothing like work pressure. It’s all about how we accept and respond to the works. Works (either household, official, or personal) are part of our lives. We should make them happen according to the urgency, priority, and weightage. It may sound philosophical but you should not compromise with your own physical and emotional health over anything. Bcoz you’ll perform well only when you have sound body and soul. And more you perform well, more you’ll witness dreams coming true.

If you ever find your mind creating dozens of thoughts at a time, some uneasiness in your chest, lethargic while waking up every morning, or whenever you feel something not well going inside you, reach out the people you trust.

Being alone and struggling to deal with things on your own without giving anyone around you the hints, is as dangerous as not visiting doctor when something terrible goes in your body.

There are many people in office who are living alone far from their family/hometown, just like me and I know how life seems for these people at times.

Make the best use of divine-hearted people you have around. Find a person and talk to her/him whenever you feel there’s something not going right inside you.

Let’s take care of ourselves before we take care of others.