Leena, why are you so tired of everything?

Dear Leena,

It’s been long that I wrote to you. You looked all well, I could see you contented in your personal and professional front. So, didn’t feel the need of writing to you (which apparently should not be the case). But unfortunately, when I am seeing a lot of things going through you at this point of time, I couldn’t resist myself.

Whatever you have done in your life, you gave your whole heart. You never compromised with the value of honesty in you. For every single thing that came your way. You tried to be honest with yourself, with God, with family, with near ones. And with every major/minor responsibility you were attached to.

I never saw you cunning. You were innocent. You had positive thoughts/feelings for everyone. But many people who appeared in your life, they ridiculed your innocence and troubled you with negative influences. You were broken multiple times. But every time I could see you, you came out to be stronger. You turned your pain into power. I respect you for that. You turned out to be your own healer whenever adverse situations hit you. You had tremendous faith in yourself and God, so you moved on with learnings in every walk of life.

You are lucky that you have the world’s best family. Your mom and sisters love you the most. They adore you and they are there for you whenever you need them. They always put their efforts so that you have are in your happiest version. Not only family, look at your closed ones. They made your life great when you were are from your home. They took care of you without any expectations in return. You know not everyone has these beautiful bunch of people in life. Lucky are those who have. Feel grateful that you are the one.

For whole thirty years of your life, you celebrated the best times, mourned for the terrible times and kept moving. You didn’t get yourself stuck for long when things went unexpectedly. You always kept your pure ambitions ahead of anything. You always put efforts to make your life better so that you could benefit others in many ways.

You have been a winner all this while. And now? What is stopping you from living? Why are you so tired of everything? Why are you just spoiling your physical, mental and emotional health? Why are you giving up on everything?

This is not the Leena I want to see. This is not the Leena your family and near ones what to see. This is not the Leena the world wants to have.

I believe, you will rise up once again and shine like never before. I look up to you. You are responsible for my significance. You are responsible for your family and near ones’ pride. You are responsible for million lives that are waiting to receive inspiration from you. You just can’t escape everything and act coward. This is not the Leena I saw before.

Waiting for the day when you shine brightest and this world feels proud of your existence. Let the day come nearer. All the best to two of us.