Not all women who enter home after 10 pm are returning from party

I am angry. Frustrated. Feeling pity for…

Not bcoz I got a bit late to house from office today. Not bcoz I delayed meal and usual medicines. Not bcoz my body had started reacting to my delayed schedule.

But bcoz of this:

I had a very productive meeting with my founders today for upcoming strategies, which got a bit lengthy. I asked one of my team members (who was among a very few people remained in the office at that particular time) (who is much younger than me) to wait and drop me house. He positively said yes and I reached my house accordingly.

On the way, I simply briefed him how we are going to proceed with everything in the team.

We reached, I got off the bike, waved him ‘bye’ and entered the main gate. I encountered one of the senior persons who belong to the house who had just entered the compound and was parking his bike/scooter.

He uttered something to me which I didn’t understand at all. He repeated but his blurred voice was still unclear. He smilingly (the smile looked strange to me) entered his gate. But I was curious and had to understand what he was telling so I stopped him and said, “please be clear what you’re telling.”

He answered, “shaadi wadi karne wale ho kya, ladka chhodne aaya hai.” (are you going to marry, saw guy dropping you house)

What the hell… was the first thought in my mind. I could hear him adding up, “party warty kar k aaye ho kya”. (looks like you’re coming from party)

My blood started boiling. Putting my innate quality of not firing up things all of sudden, ahead, I fake smiled and responded: “he is my team member, since it was late from office, I requested him to leave me here.”

The person didn’t deserve my valuable a couple of seconds but for the matter that I am rented at the same house, just for the sake of that, I casually added, “get your facts right, not all women who entered home after 10 pm are returning from party.”

I had my laptop bag hung on my shoulder, a water bottle and a packet of half-litre milk in my hand while saying this. And I climbed stairs to my room.

I could hear him uttering “I was just kidding” but left that voice unrespected.

I was furious while entering my room. I was angry. Of course, hungry. And above that all, I felt pity for those ill mindsets.

PS: The person I encountered today represents thousands of so-called humans in the society. Most importantly, it’s how our society has shaped.

I was angry. And now, smiling at our sick minds.

(Originally written on one tedious day in December 2018)