Why was the newlywed lady sobbing?

Recently while I was flying from Raipur to Hyderabad, there was a couple seated next to me. I guessed they were newly-wed. As I was busy reading a book, the continuous sobbing of that lady distracted me. Her husband on window seat was trying to soothe her. He had her handbag in his lap and was holding her both palms. He was even having some failed attempts to feed her sweets.

I couldn’t continue reading. Also, I couldn’t look at her face even if I wanted. I wished to whisper ‘what happened’ ‘can I help you’ but couldn’t, as her husband was there and I didn’t want to interfere in their matter. Also, I was so loving seeing him showing his wife the care and concern in need.

I couldn’t help her directly but I felt my subtle wishes and blessings would influence her, giving her some good vibes.

I started thinking what could be the reason of that innocent looking newly married girl crying. I listed out dozens of reasons in my mind for a girl flowing tears and assumed that it was one of them in her case.

Life is not at all easy for a woman. Before marriage, after marriage or at any point of time at any age. Not only girls I should say, it goes for all humans. Most of the time, we have no control over what is going to happen the very next moment. I kept on thinking so and so…

After landing, I just passed an incomplete smile as she looked at me. We both moved our way.

I wish this couple will have a happy life ahead, together. Always.