I am excited and nervous

I am excited, nervous. Diverse emotions hitting my mind at the same time. 
15 years back, I entered professional world. Didn’t heed what others (family, society) said just to chase my passion for media. Because media was/is the only thing I could think of, to pursue my dream. 
Today, when I look back, I feel grateful for myself for the reason I proudly stuck to my ambitions no matter what.
Last March, my life turned upside down. My mind started thinking of stuff that I never did. Some inner scream started dominating my thoughts, which was followed by some sad happenings. That was the time, I got some amendment to the existing priorities I had in life. 
While I stick to chasing my dream life, I happened to change the path. I decided to take a break from the position of Editor in Chief of Vatsana Technologies, the parent company of WittyFeed, The Popple. From this very time, I expand the horizon of my associations and involvements.
Now when I prepare myself to start another remarkable phase of my career, I look forward to the love and support you all have been giving me all these years. I may need them more. More than ever. 

I would want for maximum collaborations and works so that I can create a bigger impact on the world. Feel free to reach me out via [email protected] or inbox to discuss ideas, works and all if you feel to. 
Let’s learn and grow together. Let’s make our lives better than ever. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks, Karan.