11 things one must know before moving to the US

The topic was something I wanted to discuss with my readers when I came here in the US for the first time in 2017. Now when I am here again, I had to write about it anyway.

According to a research organization, more than one million people enter the US every year with an American dream and the number is only increasing. But with the lack of proper knowledge and understanding about diverse aspects of the place they are coming to, majority of people physically/mentally suffer when they start their living here. They wish if somebody had told them the things they needed to know earlier. 

So, for all those who are planning to move to the Land of Liberty, here are some must-know pointers before you pack your luggage. 

I. Gather information about varied aspects of the state you are moving to

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Fifty States of America are unique in themselves. Gather proper and sufficient understanding of the state you are moving to, so that you won’t have to feel bad while facing so many firsts in the US.

II. Learning to drive is MUST

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Be ready to own a car within a few months of your arrival. Because life is nearly handicapped in America without a car. And, no matter you have driving license in your country, taking a driving test and gaining US license is mandatory here.

III. Be ready to do any type of work

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You are smart enough to understand that you are bound to start from point zero when you move to US. Until you are well qualified to involve into a white color job, you may have to do any type of blue color job that can be unimaginable to you. So, it’s better to put your ego aside for a few years if you dream of an American life.

IV. You are all set to stand on your own

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In America, you are an independent individual. You get what you do. So, do not expect anyone to make your living easy here. Prepare yourself in such a way that you will work your ass off to be a part of New World. 
For instance, somebody will receive you at the airport doesn’t mean s/he will be your friend and help you out whenever you need. So, keep calm and understand this fact. 

V. America doesn’t mean it looks like New York everywhere

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America is much more than The Big Apple. I understand we all are fascinated by American life looking at pictures and videos of skyscrapers and white people. But the reality is different than what is in your head right now. 

VI. Make sure you have financial security for your struggling days

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You need proper planning before you step onto the soil of America. It includes financial planning being the topmost priority. You may take some time to start earning here and hence you need financial backup.

VII. Dream big but don’t expect them to come true overnight

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Dreaming big is an awesome thing. But never expect your dreams to come true overnight. Because you know overnight success comes after lots of sleepless nights. Understand your level, make short term goals and work hard for them to be fulfilled. You are bound to achieve your ambitions and dreams but at the same time, have patience and ability to stay determined for the same. 

VIII. Don’t get fascinated by people who are living here for years

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You see glitzy pictures of people you know who are living in America. You start comparing their lives with yours. You feel unpleasant because you are not contented with your situations. That is where tensity emerges. 
Do not trust everything you see on social media to be all that exists. Having knowledge is the best thing until it has wisdom with it. 

IX. Make sure you are emotionally and mentally strong during your struggle phase

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This is the most crucial aspect. Nobody told us life is gonna be easy, we all are sensible enough to get the hold of possible circumstances that come our way whenever we are on the verge of the next phase of life. If you are mentally and emotionally strong to face situations and optimistic enough to make good things happen, you are going to rejoice the best version of life. 

X. If you are coming as a student, plan for university over community college

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Most of the students pick community college because it is cheaper and easier than what the university offers. But there are high chances that your career and future look brighter if you opt for university education. Not to forget, you should properly research about everything required if you are moving to the US and a student. 

XI. Get ready for a cultural shock

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If you belong to countries like Nepal, India, you are going to witness a total different culture here in the US. Without explaining more about this, I suggest you to cherish the beauty of every community’s lifestyle and choices. 

I wish you all the best. If I missed out any of your curiosities or if you want to share anything with me, feel free to write to me at [email protected]. You can reach me out on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn as well. 
Stay in touch for more. Peace Out!
PS: I thank my brother Rajkumar Pandey for helping me out with this article.