7 mistakes I made in India

I see you are desperate enough to know the mistakes I made in life. Huh!

My heart is closest to India. Reason? I spent my active six years and shaped career in this country. I made friends for life. Some dearest connections. Unnumbered well-wishers.

India has given me a lot. Probably more than I anticipated. The offerings I obtained had extensive delight and life lessons, manifold.  

In this article, I mention the major mistakes I made during my life in India. Anyway, making mistakes is better than faking perfections. Right? *just to soothe heart* 😉

1. Trusting people easily

2. Not being able to identify toxic people

3. Not taking good care of health 

4. Not traveling often

5. Not exploring Indian culture closely 

6. Not making a decent saving 

7. Last but not least – Not talking to neighbors 

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