6 things to strictly avoid in the US


In my previous article, you read about the things one should know before moving to the US. Here, I am sharing with you some pointers that will make you understand what you must strictly avoid in the US. 

Remember, in the US, No means No. 

1. Terrorism isn’t funny

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Do not dare to make jokes about guns, bombs or terrorist attacks in front of strangers. Americans are pretty conscious about it. 

2. Avoid discussing race, gender, obesity etc.

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Consider race, gender, and color as highly sensitive topics, especially when you are in America.
Also, obesity is one of the major issues you should be paying most attention to, while communicating. In the US, over 70 million adults are obese and obesity is a social stigma here. One should use words wisely while uttering anything about obesity, it may turn badly disrespectful.

3. Don’t be so nosy

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Individualism is one of the core factors of American culture. One is bound to respect each other’s private life. Everybody in here chants this mantra: My business is my business, none of your business.

4. Stick to the traffic rules

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If you are on the streets of the USA, you do not have an inch of flexibility to disobey the laws. ‘Drink and drive’, ‘text and drive’ are strict NO-NO. Take risk only if you want troubles in life. 

5. Do not honk the horn unless it’s emergency

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Enjoy peaceful driving and do not blow the horn until you have an urgent reason to do so. 

6. Do not overtake

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Be it on the roads, while shopping or at any food joint, get in line with patience. Do not think of overtaking. Americans just hate it.

Now you know what not to do in the USA. If you feel I missed anything, drop your thoughts in the comment section or e-mail me at [email protected].

I will see you in next article soon. Bye!

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