I am happiest when I am alone

My happiness gets larger when I am not around people and that is what makes me feel complete. 

I write this blog as I sit on yoga mat on the balcony of my flat, holding my beloved laptop, one fine Sunday, with an adorable cup of tea beside me. 
I never loved my MacBook this much before as I am gathering joyful moments of living with myself on it that would soon turn into delightful memories.

I take a moment to look at my life, I have a good job, the job I always wanted to pursue. The job many people aspire to. My mom’s health is absolutely fine, my sisters support me beyond anything. I have the best people in my life who shower me unconditional affection. They love me the way I am. I have a small bunch of well wishers who are connected with me on my social platforms, they often message me and express that they feel good talking to me. Some reach out to me when they feel low, some reach out to me when they need some sort of advice, some write to me and say I have motivated/inspired them at some point in their life. 

I have bigger dreams to chase and have been nurturing the feelings of accomplishment every single day. 

Above all, I have been spiritually empowered all my life and I experience this elated feeling of being a kind companion of myself. 
What else do I need in life?! I am blessed. 

When I started the journey, I knew it would not be an easy deal. It was harder than I imagined. But the companionship I lent to myself during tough times is what I would cherish for eternity.

I take a sip and once again, fall for the tea. I smile a little more today. 
I desperately wait for the times I sit with myself like this. Probably the best thing that happens to me on usual days. Today I thank my inner self for helping me become who I am. 

I put an end to this piece leaving you with curiosity – how often do you meet yourself? You can write to me at [email protected] or send me message through my social platforms.

Note: This blog was written in 2018.

One response to “I am happiest when I am alone”

  1. Happy to see you are the Motivation key for so many People …. They inspire from you ,the way you deal with family n friends