Signs that indicate ‘you need help’

1. Sadness is a part of your daily routine

2. You often feel like confining yourself in bedroom

3. You often turn pessimistic, helpless and hopeless

4. You feel alone

5. You find it difficult to concentrate on any task

6. You feel like bursting into tears anytime anywhere

7. You get suicidal thoughts

8. Past’s bitter events keep haunting you

9. You have insomnia

10. You are caught up by aches and pains

11. You get irritated by unexpected stuff

12. You have thoughts of giving up on your dreams

13. You are under-confident

If you are experiencing these signs, chances are that you might be suffering from melancholy or depression.

You are not alone, several data state that one in every five people suffers from mental illness. It is as normal as headache or fever, but if you keep it for long, you will only worsen your life. 

Reach out a person you trust and seek help. You could write to me as well, at [email protected] or message me on any of the social platforms. 

A happy life awaits you, make an effort.