Travel mistakes that almost ruined my trips

Traveling comes with a lot of fun and learning. But lack of preparation that needs to be done before entering airport could leave you with sadness and regret. Just like when I made these mistakes during my visit to places. 
Read below and make sure you do not commit these travel mistakes.

1. Leaving old tag/s on luggage.  

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American Airlines’ customer service lady told me not to leave any old tag stick on luggage when I almost cried in front of her because my carry bag was sent back to Oakland which was the departure city during my flight to Dallas. Thankfully, she got my issue sorted on time otherwise I would have lost a bag full of my favorite outfits.

Luckily I had my name written on it which helped airlines track my luggage pretty quick. So, having some identity indication on your belongings during travel is a sign of sanity.

2. Not being informed about immigration rules of the respective countries.

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I even don’t want to recall what happened to me when I was flying from Delhi to China. Lack of updates about Nepal’s immigration law landed me into big trouble. I was stopped at Delhi airport and I was denied to fly. Later, I had an emergency flight to Kathmandu from where I booked a flight to Chongqing.
You can read about my sad story here in this Facebook post.

3. Not getting portable power bank, phone, laptop fully charged.

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This is one common possible mistake we all make. I have regretted quite a time just because I didn’t fully charge my laptop, cell phone and power bank.

4. Not knowing hotel rules. Phew!

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I had one whole hour of a hard time when I reached hotel for check-in and the clerk told me they need a credit card as an incidental deposit. I had no clue it was happening. Thanks to my well-wishers who reached for help in no time.

5. Not having ample bucks in wallet.

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A stitch in time saves nine.

6. Overpacking

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I know girls are girls. But they say, lighter is better.

7. Detailed information about currency exchange

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Currency exchange policy may vary from airport to airport. Proper research about it can save you from unwanted tediousness.

8. Not getting prints of essential documents

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Guess what! Once I was trapped in an embarrassing situation when I found my phone’s internet was not working as I stood in front of the airline counter to show tickets.

9. Trusting a stranger

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Few months back, a lady traveling with me wasted my one hour out of nowhere when she sought help for some luggage stuff. That was my first and last mistake when it comes to dealing with stranger co-travelers.

And here are some of the common possible mistakes most of us make while traveling:

10. Not checking weather of destination place properly

11. Not reading reviews of hotels/restaurants

12. Cultural insensitiveness after entering destination place

13. Not having travel insurance

14. Not having healthy snacks in bag

So, that’s all for now. Comment below or share with me what other travel mistakes you have made. You can write to me at localhost/wordpress542 or reach me out on social media.

See ya!

3 responses to “Travel mistakes that almost ruined my trips”

  1. Thanks again for this amazing sharing.
    To be honest I was so passionated about travelling and discovering places myself other than academic expericences.
    But I remenber in Charles deGaulles Airport in Paris, I, the point 7, currency exchange caused me some troubles hahahaha

    1. Hope you escaped the issue easily 🙂

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