When a 70 years young Uber driver offered me Christmas candies

Merry Christmas… Would you like to have some Christmas candies?

Oh, thank you so much, sir. I wish you the same. Thank you for the candies, I am taking two. 

Ah, sure. You have it. 

I had a candied conversation with a charming 70 years young Uber driver today. 

He was so amazing. Ambiance inside the set of wheels felt full of life. Christmas song being played, a basket of candies on the dashboard, a string of pretty lights hugging the bonnet made the car just like a moving home. 

I could see how exceedingly he loves what he is doing. I extended some basic queries to which he replied with pride and kindness. 

I thanked him once again, wished him a wonderful Christmas. I saw an image of Santa Claus in him who was showering me love and blessings.