When a stranger knocked at my hotel room and asked, “can I take a selfie with you?”

Without wasting a moment, I book Uber and leave the airport. Driver says, hotel is seven minutes away. 

I am excited to explore the new city and its people. I haven’t googled anything about this place. Intentionally. I do some casual conversation with driver. 

As I get off the cab, Uber guy extends wishes for fruitful trip. I thank him with a smile. 

I know I am going to encounter a dozen of firsts. To start with, I get stuck at hotel reception for a new reason. As I mentioned, I didn’t google anything about it. And here’s an aftereffect. I spend a few minutes of bitterness on the spot and enter the room. 

I am in the room. I smile. This is my home for the next three days. I am exhilarated. Instantly, I realize I am hangry. I make a call at reception and ask if there’s some food joint nearby. A polite-sounding guy gives me some options. I thank him.

Now I google, ‘vegetarian restaurants near me’. In a minute, I book a cab and by the time it reaches hotel I am ready.

Choosing this restaurant turns out to be the first terrible mistake I make on this trip. I taste a croquette. I get rest of the ordered food packed for the room. But I am 100% sure I am going to dump it in trash-bin. 

My stomach scolds me badly. I utter, it’s okay, while traveling, we expect the unexpected. 

I am in hotel room, sorting out things for three days. I use hotel’s notepad and pen. 

Landline screams out loud. 



Did you find restaurant you looked for?

Yes, but the food was horrible. 

Oh, sorry about that. 

Do you arrange lunch/dinner here?

Sorry, we take care of breakfast only. 

Not funny but that’s okay. Hey, I have a call on cellphone. 

Sorry, take your time.

It’s 8 PM. I look at the food I carried from that not-so-wow restaurant and munch a chocolate bar I had in my handbag. 

I workout a bit watching YouTube sessions. It is 9 PM. 

Landline screams out again. 


Hi, sorry if I disturbed you. 

No problem. Say!

I have got food for you. It’s Asian, you’d like it.


Yes, can I come upstairs and give it to you?

*what!?* I will come down to pick it.


What just happened? I start wondering. I am hungry but should I accept food from a stranger? Does it sound like coming from a well-wisher? Or is it a plot? Could I trust this hotel staff? Or… At least I should accept this kind gesture. 

I make a call to the reception. 

Hey, it’s me. You could come outside my room to drop food. 

Hi, thank you. Give me a few minutes, I am coming. 

Again. Should I change and look a bit decent? Should I tie my hair? Nah, I look okay. It would take me just a second to grab food from him.

Someone knocks at the door. 

Hey, it was not really needed but thank you so much. 

I hope you will like it.


Okay, good night. Umm… Can I take a selfie with you?


I quickly see myself in the mirror of my mind. Tired face, messy hair, does this guy see me a celebrity? Or he has some filthy intention in his head?

No… I sound a straight denial. I shut the door. 

Food smells well and fresh but a dozen thoughts hit my mind. Is this guy doing this all out of compassion or there’s something fishy going on? Should I eat this food? Should I ask mom what to do with this food? Why would a stranger ask for a selfie like this? I mean, why?

God, am I safe here in this hotel? 

In between all this, a voice inside cheers out for the kindness I am just showered with.

9 responses to “When a stranger knocked at my hotel room and asked, “can I take a selfie with you?””

  1. You are lucky girl

  2. I liked this narration. Sometimes kindness comes our way all unexpected…

    As a 12th class student starting a blog from not so tech city of Sagar getting free advice and help from some tech giant was a bit similar…

    Gratitude 🙏 always…

    1. Thanks, Roshan!

  3. The Choco boy Gasta! Avatar
    The Choco boy Gasta!

    Amazing story Leena. I think you already found all possibility of situation which can happen on that time. But you’re more than celebrity, you are a living example of the new emancipated generation, full of love for others and living for more positivity and hope.
    Peace and love Leena
    Gasta Adechina
    The Choco boy

    1. Aww, that’s cute to hear. Thank you.

  4. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂