A 30-year-old proposed me to become his girlfriend for a year

Leena, please understand, I need you. Just for a year. One year it is.

Are you crazy or what! 

You are confident. Mature. Independent. I am not. Please. 

Insane. So, why don’t you become one?!

I will be. By then. So I asked for one year.

If it’s about hour-long chatting on WhatsApp, I am out! My time is expensive. I don’t spend it for free.

You just say how much you charge.

You can’t afford me. 

Gosh! This is just a tiny chunk of 80-minute conversation I had with a guy sometime back. If you are thinking this guy is just a usual lad that is fond of girls, datings, wines and all, you are wrong. 

The instance is beyond an attempt to have a relationship. Or a friendship. Or whatever you like to name it. It is about how loneliness is eating up people’s lives. How emotional independence is reaching towards extinction. How modern lifestyle is leaving the number of people having emotional sickness, to soar. Probably many more.

Loneliness is an unwanted gift this modern world has hurled upon us. Studies show, it is killing people more than that of smoking and obesity. This proves loneliness is a health epidemic and we just can’t ignore it anymore.

Back to this guy’s story. 

Leena, I earn enough so you won’t have to worry about it.

I don’t need your money.

I know but I need your time.

What would you do with my time?

I want you to talk to me nicely, motivate me and make me feel better.

We will learn and unlearn together without any expectations. I do that, with others as well. 

But I want you to treat me as a special one.

Hello, I can’t take anyone’s responsibility. 

You can change my life for good, I know this. So I need you. 

Start taking your responsibility yourself instead of spending (wasting)  time begging like this. 

You are mouthing off. 

I feel bad for the way I am speaking to you, but at times, the hard way is the right way. Period!

This guy is a representation of you, me and all. In some way. Because loneliness has touched all of us at some point in our life.

Most of us stay alone far away from our family or loved ones. We are occupied making money and overlooking living a life. We are so emotionally drowned, thereby, constantly looking for others to make us feel good. 

Above all else, living on social media more than in reality has emerged as the biggest complication we have been dealing with. Several studies have stated that the time spent on social media usage is linked to the level of depression

I didn’t bring you to this article to offer gyan concerning depression, its cause, effect and solutions. I just wanted to give you a thought on the need for ‘emotional independence’. 

Seeking friendship, relationship or any sort of bonding with anyone is purely a great move. But at the same time, accepting and cherishing the companionship with self is a crucial step towards emotional independence. Afterall, you are your longest commitment. At least I believe so. 

What do you think about emotional independence? Do you have a story to tell? Write in the comment section below or email me at [email protected], let’s spread goodness together. See ya!

6 responses to “A 30-year-old proposed me to become his girlfriend for a year”

  1. Last year 2019, a 1.5 year friendship cum first relationship ended for me, which I wanted to go on for forever.

    I don’t know how and why someone has to turn 360 degree. Yet I learned I need to Roshan I was in 2017, totally independent and happy with myself…

    And yep I constantly making attempts to be that…

    Money is something one can easily taken care off emotional stability and mental peace are more rare than money as much as I have experienced…

    1. You moved on to become emotionally empowered.

  2. Shiva Adhikari Avatar
    Shiva Adhikari

    As long as expression exists no danger can overcome the situation! So, keep expressing your feelings! Is kind of a cheap but working therapy!!😀

  3. Great post however I was wondering if you could write
    a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Thank you!