11 truths about life that I realized while river rafting

“Leena, would you join us for a rafting trip this Sunday?”

“Oh, of course!” I had no reason to say no to one of my spiritual mentors. 

I’ve always felt anxious looking underwater. I vaguely remember a river drowning moment when I was five or six, but mom says it was a frightening one. A few years back, when my swim coach pushed me to a six-foot-deep pool, I experienced the most panic moment of my life. I feared I would die. 

Last week, I did river rafting, one of those adventures I consciously avoided all this while. One whole day floating on waves, I could relate a lot of water instances to the journey of life. 

#1 Waves look scary but not always

I was facing a lot of firsts. Every time I approached whitewater waves, it looked like an alarming moment. But once I crossed them, there was nothing but stillness. To tell the truth, I was thrilled to see more after a couple of turbulences. 

We often encounter mental turmoil and conflicts. Don’t we?

#2 More than physical, mental preparation is vital 

We were asked to have a waterproof costume, shoes, extra pair of clothes, etc. A lot about food, drinks, and water was done. As a first-time rafter, it was my sole responsibility to prepare myself to make the most of my water moments… mentally. Before we got started, I took an affirmation, “I am going through this.” 

Many times, unexpected happens in life. Living with an optimistic mindset every day helps us go through circumstances.

#3 Good people make your journey easier

Our group had amazing people. There were no traces of ‘who’s what’ as everybody enjoyed the trip being explorers. Seeing each one of them having so much affection, care, cooperation, and compassion for one another was a great feeling. 

#4 You’re not competing with anyone 

Our guide often reminded us how important it is to paddle in sync. No matter how capable or presentable you are in the raft, if you’re not in sync with your team members, you’re not doing any good. 

In the journey of life, we are surrounded by many people physically and virtually. We are under their influence all the time. It’s always a great idea to be inspired by people but let’s not forget that each of us is on our own unique path.

#5 Screams and laughter are fun

We should not need a reason for happy screams and laughter, but when we get one, why not!?

#6 You are bound to trust your guide

The guide was probably the only person paddling consistently all day long. He guided us every moment as he needed us to accomplish the trip with beautiful experiences. We were asked to follow instructions at every step. We did not have an option for that. 

We all are fortunate enough to have seniors around us who guide us in need. We choose to trust them. Beyond that is our Supreme Guide, who is the biggest emotional support in our lives.

#7 When in doubt, just close your eyes

A few water waves we experienced had me slip off the raft. Fortunately, I did not fall into the water. Every time I sensed fear, I would close my eyes and pause until I pass the moment. 

We all live with countless fears in different phases of life. It’s okay to have doubts, concerns, and discomforts at times. It’s okay to press the pause button. But not to forget, there’s always a way to get past them.

#8 You carry a world in you

I lived jillions of me-time while being with the group and making great memories with them. 

It’s a beautiful feeling that spirituality has taught us how to value and cherish the first relationship in life, i.e., the relationship with myself. We don’t need to leave anything, anyone. You can be with yourself and for yourself anytime, anywhere, while doing anything. Trust me, it beautifies life.

#9 If you want to move ahead, you’ve got to paddle

You can’t move ahead towards your goals or ambitions by doing nothing. Life is meant to be switched from one phase to other. We have to keep putting effort into what we want to achieve. Moving slower or even taking pauses at times is totally fine. But don’t stop doing things that matter to you.

#10 Waves don’t chase you often

While on water, we not only enjoyed rapids but witnessed the beauty of serene still water. We clicked pictures, recorded videos, spent moments of silence, and whatnot! 

Upheavals in life don’t come every day; life has got us endless times of peace and joy.

#11 Side scenes are just for side scenes

We had quick breaks on the river a couple of times. Our guide made a few stops and let us engage in activities. Some dived into the water from a cliff while some swam around. “Guys, get back to your places; we gotta go,” was what we would hear from the guide after we spent 10 minutes on a break. 

The journey of life offers us a million side scenes. They could be people, situations, etc. All we need to know is what to hold and what not to.

I hope you enjoyed reading; feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories with me. I would love to hear from you on my socials. 

Until next time!