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2020 changed our lives! Just like many of you, I mainly was indoors the whole year. Stepping into 2021, and when we were happy that things would be easier, new virus variants came to scare us again! *sad face* 

I have been working from home since the outbreak of COVID. Traveling, wandering, and get-togethering hardly ever. My typical days have me sitting at a desk, letting my fingers dance on the keyboard – most of the time. 

Staying at home might sound perilously boring… but wait… I don’t think the same anymore. I have got all the tricks to feel good about not going outside. And, with work-from-home flexibilities, I don’t even need extra time to be myself and enjoy my days. 

A quick sneak peek at my idea of stealing time for having fun even on weekdays; here you go: 

Short movies

You don’t need time to watch short movies, do you? Whenever you feel like you need a quick break, grab a coffee and enjoy a short film. Forget about paid subscriptions; there are thousands of great short movies on various platforms, all for free. Just 15/20 minutes, and you’re all set to back-to-work mode. 

Social media surfing 

Who says stalking is not cute! Take a tour of the social profiles of people you respect and adore. See what they post and what you can learn from them. 

Text a long lost friend

Not in touch with close friends due to hectic work schedules? Worry not! Pick a name you haven’t been in connection with for long and drop a “Hey, I remembered you… take care”, trust me it’s a great idea to make someone smile.

Share your favorite meme on family group

GIFs and memes are everywhere. Initiate a fun chat on the family group. Send the funniest GIF you find. Tag one another. Make your family group a laughter club.

Stand up comedies

Laughter is therapy, and there’s no reason not to watch comedy! Enjoy your favorite stand-up artists and cheer up your mundane tasks. You don’t have to wait for weekends for this; hold your office work for five minutes and treat yourself some ha-ha! 

Self-care gifts

You work hard; you are committed to achieving everything you want. So, you deserve the best self-care techniques. For an hour, keep things aside… pick the dress you love the most, put on some make-up, stage a corner of your bedroom and click A LOT OF SELFIES. 

For all girls out there, make sure you have at least a few knee-high socks that would make you feel cozier and look prettier. I recently got my super cool pairs from Chrissy’s Socks. Get as many as you can… you’ll find stylish pink socks at highly affordable prices. These socks are the perfect accessory to liven up any occasion and could be a fantastic gift for your sisters and besties.

Chrissy’s Socks

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