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All these years, what I have realized is, it’s you and only YOU who drives your existence. You may have your loved ones, people who are extremely important to you, those without whom you can’t imagine your life. But… who helps to carry your life forward, who is the driver? 

It’s you. Yes, YOU.

The topic I am discussing here might look like something pretty subjective. I perceived the same, until I reached the affirmation that this is what life is all about.

We are in a time where each of us has been dealing with a myriad of unwanted and uninvited events. Many of us have physical disturbances served on our plate while the rest of us are trapped into some kind of mental/emotional turbulence.

Sometimes, we try to collect the pieces ourselves, sometimes we reach out to people whom we trust. We seek their help. 

But our efforts turn out to be working, only when we, the sole driver, want to solve the puzzle. 

Not every cancer patient wins the battle. Not every mental health victim defeats the trauma. Ever wondered why?

Researchers, doctors, and psychiatrists have witnessed hundreds of examples of the same. They have celebrated stories of victims who magically recovered their illnesses, because they wanted to live, they wanted to drive their life forward. 

At the same time, we have mourned the deaths of people who, despite having potential, chose not to live. 

I have experiences with several people reaching me out. Some raise their career issue, some share about their relationship problems. I talk to them in whatever capacity I can. Those who really want to make a constructive move, they respect what the other person tries to convey. And sometimes, people who do not want to make the first move and just seek help from others, never become able to reach where they want to reach. 

So, the essence is: we cannot help those who don’t help themselves.

3 thoughts on “We cannot help those who don’t help themselves

  1. I agree with your view, further, I would like to say that, even “God helps those who help themselves”

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